Saturday, April 24, 2010

Copy of Email sent out on 4/24

Hello All,

My Name is Madelin. I am the new president of photo club. I am in my 4th quarter at AI and am a Photography major. I will share more about myself at the meetings during week 4.

We will be starting to have meetings again during week 4. We will be hosting two meetings a week, because we would really like to have photo club be more like a family than somewhere you go for an hour every other week. I feel it is really important as photographers to build a strong community amongst ourselves. We will have a meeting on Monday evening in Pence 225 from 5pm until 6pm and we will also have a meeting on Wednesday in LaSalle 319 from 1pm until 2pm. We will be continuing this schedule throughout the rest of the quarter, unless otherwise noted.

Election time is here as well and we need people for the following positions: Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary. To hold one of these officer positions it is preferable that you are able to make it to both meetings, and are in at least your 4th quarter at AI. If you do not meet these requirements but are still interested in a position please talk to me either before or after one of the meetings or send me an email. If you would like to run for an officer position,I will need a statement from you as to why you think you would be great for the position no later than 5pm on Monday May 3rd.

Hope to see you at the meetings!

Also if you would like to be removed from this list please send a reply to this email and add the word remove to the subject line :)

Thanks have a great rest of your weekend!

Madelin Zaycheck

Photo Club is Back!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Fall 2009

Hey Club-

Quite a few things to put down here, so I'll do my best to be brief.


As you may know or not, the Midwest SPE Regional conference is being held in Minneapolis this year, and we're very excited to see you there. There will be speakers, portfolio reviews, folks from all over the midwest, various venders, and more. You can still register for the conference here; just download the PDF, fill it out, and mail it out. Make sure your membership is up to date, as well. Portfolio reviews are on a first-come, first-serve basis based on registration, so the sooner you get registered, the better.

I also know that Colleen can use all the volunteering she can get, so go see her in room 342 if you're interested.


In regards to the 4x5 polaroids, just keep shooting. If you need more film, don't hesitate to talk to either myself or Lisa Hylle for another box. We may have a space for our show at the Northrup King building, but we'll need to hash out details further.


Holiday shoot: are we still interested in doing this? We'll need committed people to sign up if this is going to go off. There are a couple other fundraisers in the works as well, which I and the other officers will go over at the next meeting.

Okay: meetings, I think, are going to be Mondays again from 5:00-6:00pm. The plan is to get posters up this week and for a meeting next week.

One more thing: this Thursday is the Student Org Fair, so stop by the table and say hi, and we can answer any questions you might have.

Hope to see you guys soon,

Evan Pape
Photo Club President

Friday, February 13, 2009

Meeting (sort of) - February 9 2008

Hey Photo Club-

We had a meeting scheduled for February 9, Monday. Jorah and I were the only ones present, so obviously not a lot was hashed out.

In an effort to get some inspiration going for the possible show this summer, the featured photographer this week is J Michael Wiltbank. Last December he had a show at BYU campus, and a portion of it was removed before the rest of the show. You can find the whole story here, where he details why the photographs were removed. The photographs were of a diptych nature; two portraits side by side. One of the people portrayed in each diptych identified themselves as a homosexual, the other was an ally. There were no labels, for specific reasons designated by Wiltbank. To see the images without the "Censored" stamp over them, go to his site, under the "People" tab. His website is here:

As you are aware, the possible show for us is taking place this summer, and is centered around Pride Weekend. Rob Anderson, coordinator of housing, has reserved space in the Main Gallery on the 1st floor for a show titled "From Or Through the Queer Perspective". Since there is no GLBT-specific group on campus, he is looking to one of the Student Organizations to spearhead the project. This is a great opportunity for your work to hang in a gallery. Please e-mail the club ( if you are interested. We need commitment before I can contact Rob, so please let the Club know ASAP.

Our featured website this week is Veer, a great place for photographers and designers. Veer offers stock images, as well as illustrations and fonts that you can purchase. If you register for the site, you can also set up a profile to help with networking. If nothing else, it is a great place for inspiration. Plus their merchandise is great for all of you art/design geeks (myself included).

The other thing I must re-iterate is that Photo Club is in desperate need for funds. Our bank account is pretty dismal as of now. A fundraiser we were thinking about is one called "Shoot Your Mother". It will be a professional portrait shoot done by us, the Photo Club, and will take place a weekend or two before Mother's Day. The Minnesota Center for Photography used to do it, but as they are no more, it could be a great money-maker for us, as well as providing valuable experience for us as photographers. Please e-mail the Club if you are interested in volunteering. We can't host this event without participation, and a lot of prep work is required. Please e-mail the club if you are interested!

That's all for now. The next meeting is Monday, February 16th!

Saturday, January 31, 2009

Meeting Notes: January 26

Hi People-

Sorry these notes are up so late. Getting back into the swing of things is difficult for everyone, I guess. The meeting on Monday was promising - we saw a lot of new faces thanks to Anthony Marchetti's Principles Class showing up. Thanks guys, and we hope you continue your involvement!

The big news is beginning next Monday, the 2nd of February. Mike Mergen, a freelance photographer out of Philadelphia, PA, is having a show in our Main Gallery at Ai. He's agreed to do a talk for us at 3:30 pm in the Main Gallery on Monday. A few of the teachers who teach that afternoon have agreed to bring their classes. I would like to encourage you, if you can, to show up and support the Club's efforts. We need you, the members, to make our endeavors worthwhile. If you can't make the talk for whatever reason, that's fine. Mike has also agreed to do informal portfolio reviews that evening in Room 318 at 5:00 pm. We will NOT be meeting formally this week as a result.

Moving on, we discussed possible fundraising efforts for this quarter. Bake sales have worked well for us in the past, and that it is an exceedingly easy thing to organize and carry out. Another idea that was brought up to us was something that the Minnesota Center for Photography used to do before they disbanded. It was a fundraiser that occurred just before Mother's Day that was a portrait sale known as "Shoot Your Mother". It would require a lot of work to pull it off, but it would also be a lot of fun and a great way to not only make money, but to practice some of the skills we're learning in our classes. If you're interested, please let us know - this would be a one-to-two day ordeal about a week or two before Mother's Day. We can only do this if we have enough participation from within the Club.

Finally, Rob Anderson, coordinator of Student Housing, has the Main Gallery space reserved during Pride Week. The potential show is to be installed on June 26th, and closes July 9th. I say "potential" because it sounds like Rob does not have any solid plans for the show. He has a theme, however, which is "From or Through the Queer Perspective". Basically, since Ai does not have a student organization specifically for GLBT-identified students, Rob was hoping an existing organization would step up to the plate for this show. Now it is very possible we could end up driving this boat home, and take full responsibility behind this. Photo Club is a good candidate, however, because we have experience with this (remember the show last quarter?). It is a great opportunity to work around a common theme, and will look great on our resumes. Once again, if you're interested, please feel free to e-mail the club ( and let us know. If I can get enough interest from members, we can spearhead this and extend it to the rest of the student body.

And that is that. Hopefully we'll see you on Monday for Mike's talk, and bring your work for feedback Monday evening! We will meet again February 9th, as always in Room 318 at 5:00 pm. Remember, you can keep up with us here at the blog, and at our Twitter feed. Be on the lookout for a Facebook group soon!

Best regards,
Evan Pape
Photo Club President

Monday, January 19, 2009

Welcome Back. Winter Quarter; 2009

Happy New Year people!-

And welcome back! Winter quarter is just underway, and Photo Club will follow suit as soon as we can. We have quite a few things going on this quarter, but of course none of it will come to pass if we can't get the involvement needed. So...

First thing's first: Meetings! Meetings will be held MONDAYS this quarter, at 5:00 pm. We will be increasing the frequency of meetings as well, instead of every other week, they will be WEEKLY. That means EVERY MONDAY this quarter we will meet. Meeting place is yet to be determined, but be on the lookout for flyers posted THIS WEEK.

Also: If you can't make meetings, Photo Club is making great strides this quarter to go digital! Between the blog, a new Facebook group, a Twitter feed, members can now keep up with what's going on outside the classroom, as well as contribute remotely! The Facebook group has not been made yet, but the Twitter is up. Link to our account, set up a Twitter for yourself, and follow us here:

Twitter Feed: AiPhotoClub

Lastly: in regard to the meeting on Monday January 26th, please come with ideas for fundraisers and a possible Photo Club Exhibition theme in the spring. We look forward to seeing you next Monday!